Privacy Policy

This Policy Statement sets out how we treat Personal Data obtained from our Customers. 

Personal Data is defined as any information from which an individual could or potentially could be identified. The Personal Data we hold is:

  • Name
  • Address
  • email address
  • telephone number

We use and store this information on the following lawful bases:

  1. Performance of Contract: processing and delivering your order, updating you with non-                                             marketing information on fulfilment of your order, etc
  2. Legal Obligation: we are obliged to store all sales records for six years to comply with HMRC and other competent authority requirements
  3. Legitimate Business Interest: internal analysis of sales records as part of business planning
  4. Consent: where you have opted in to receive email marketing correspondence from us to contact you with details of promotions, additions to our list, tasting notes and recommendations etc

All Personal Data held by us is kept electronically under passworded accounts, and on paper in a secure area with restricted access.

We only share Personal Data in the following circumstances:

  1. Legal Obligation: as required by any regulatory or other competent authority, eg HMRC, Police, Licensing Authority
  2. Performance of Contract: when using a third-party courier to fulfil your order
  3. Legitimate Business Interest: litigation or other similar proceedings arising from our contractual relationship

Where you have consented to be contacted by us you may withdraw consent at any time by contacting

If you wish to view the Personal Data held by us at any time, please email The Data Control Officer at

Stewart Wines is a signatory to the Portman Group’s Code of Practice on the Naming, Packaging and Promotion of Alcoholic Drinks.